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The black and white urns shown here have both both been freshly-painted. Unless you specifically request to have your urns painted before we ship them, it is highly unlikely that they will arrive to you looking exactly like these do.


The urn on the right is in a finish that we have cleverly named "rust", and it is very popular. It will also arrive to your store looking exactly like this.

The urn at the far left shows very minor rusting, and also a slight patina which will settle into the finish as it ages - this results in small white spots and faint highlights on dark urns, and darker marks on the white.


The urn on the right  shows the white patina, and more severe rusting on the edge of the urn - this is an example of severe rusting that we would generally re-paint before shipping.

Finally, here are a couple of photos demonstrating just how beautiful these planters can become when nature is allowed to take its course.


These are all much rustier than anything that we would ship to a garden center, but this rustic look is often considered desirable by retail consumers, and is very much on-trend.

The urns shown here both exhibit incidental rusting - these patches will most often occur on the edges and corners of the urns, and will gradually expand overtime if left untreated.


If you want to accelerate the aging process, the pots can be sanded, sand-blasted, or buffed to expose the unprotected cast iron.

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